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Preventive Maintenance
Just like your car, your home really benefits from regular tune-ups. Many of our clients depend on us to keep their homes in tip-top condition, doing the preventive work that maintains the livability and value of your home, and catching routine maintenance items early, when they’re easiest to deal with.
“Les is 100% dependable.”
Dan Stone
St. Petersburg
Our Specialties
We have the vision of what your dream can be....
Our expertise in planning and design can transform your ideas and wishes into a feasible plan. We perform the full management services for all of our construction projects, including coordinating, scheduling, supervising and producing extremely well-managed and economically executed construction projects, from concept to completion. Our hands-on approach, quality materials and expert workmanship provide a satisfying experience, and result in a finished product that will improve and protect your most valuable asset - your home.

Our Services include:
Space Planning and Interior Design-It starts here
Renovations/Remodeling-Improve or even change the function of your space
Restorations-Bring back the original beauty
of your residence
Additions-Enlarge your home
Outdoor Rooms-Expand your living areas
Preventative Maintenance-Maintain your home's beauty and reduce your overall repair costs
Green/Energy Efficient Consulting-Live in a smarter home
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